Artisan Farmstead Cheese - 8 oz block

Artisan Farmstead Cheese - 8 oz block


APPLE PIE - Cheddar cheese combined with apple and cinnamon. Great as a dessert cheese.


BLONDE - A slight yellow cheddar cheese.


BLUEBERRY- White cheddar cheese with blueberries mixed in. Great on a gram cracker!! Taste like blueberry cheesecake :-)


CARAWAY - Cheddar cheese with caraway seeds has a warm, sweet and slightly peppery flavor as what you would find in rye bread. Great served on a rye cracker.


CHIPOTLE - Cheddar cheese with a slight smokey bar-b-que flavor. Great on grilled burgers.


DILL - Cheddar cheese with dill, great on a grilled burger.


FESTIVE FALL - Cheddar cheese with orange flavored cranberries makes this cheese a great appetizer for the holiday season. Goes nicely with crackers and a light wine.


GARDEN MEDLEY - Cheddar cheese with a variety of vegetables, including carrots, peppers, tomatoes and spinach. Perfect for salads or pasta.


GARLIC & HERB - Cheddar cheese with a hint of garlic, herbs and other spices makes this a great choice to serve as in hors d'oeuvres or in your favorite recipe.


GREEN OLIVE - Cheddar cheese made with green olives. Great on a pizza or in your bloody Mary. 


HAUNTED PEPPER - Not for the person with sensitive taste buds. This cheddar contains bell peppers along with ghost pepper, which can come back to haunt you!


HOT BLONDE - A light yellow cheddar cheese with jalapeno and bell peppers give it a little bit of a kick in taste. Great shredded on tacos.


LITTLE ITALY - Delicious Italian herbs flavored in creamy white cheddar. This will be a favorite new cheese top on a cracker or crostini. This cheese also makes an amazing Italian grilled cheese sandwich. 


MARIANN'S RED WINE CHEDDAR - made with a local red wine. Great as an appetizer and served with red wine.


MILD SALSA - Cheddar cheese with a combination of onions, cilantro, garlic and peppers. Great shredded over nachos or in lasagna.


ONION & CHIVE - Cheddar cheese made with onion and chive. Delicious in a sandwich or on a cracker. 


PINE CREEK CHEDDAR - with Italian Seasoning Cheddar cheese made with oregano, basil, rosemary and sage. Goes well with any cracker or in your favorite Italian recipe.


SALAMI CHEDDAR - A Match made in Hart, MN. Made with Hart Country Meats Salami in our blonde cheddar cheese. Great for that late afternoon snack! 


SIX PEPPER - Cheddar cheese with chili peppers, red and green peppers give it a little bit of a kick. Great shredded on a pizza.


TOMATO BASIL - Mild cheddar with tomato and basil; complements red wine or great for casseroles! 


WHITE CHEDDAR - A smooth creamy cheddar cheese. Melts great, use it in your favorite casserole or serve with crackers and a nice red wine. 


WINE RASPBERRY WHITE CHEDDAR - We think this is going to be a favorite holiday and gift giving cheese. We use Minnesota Cannon River Winery’s Feisty Red wine and real raspberry flakes in a white creamy cheddar. This cheese looks great on a fruit and cheese platter.  Give this new cheese as a holiday gift or enjoy eating it for yourself!



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