Cheese Curds - 6 oz pkg

Cheese Curds - 6 oz pkg



BLOODY MARY - Hot and spicy cheese curd with a touch of bacon salt! Created for cocktail parties, dinner parties, and football game snacks. Use this cheese curd to garnish your Bloody Mary drinks. It is our new favorite tasting cheese curd, we think you will LOVE IT!


CHILI CHEESE CURDS - Made with a blend of chili and jalapeno peppers to give your tongue a little zing. Great in your bowl of chili or just to snack on.


CHILI LIME - Wholesome creamy, milky rich cheese curd flavored with NEW Chili-Lime spice blend. This is a delicious new innovative flavor that pops with fresh lime and chili in your mouth. The flavor is a mixture of fresh lime mixed with chipotle chili, garlic and cilantro. This is a great new flavor to serve at parties. It pairs well with margaritas and beer.


CHIPOTLE - A creamy curd with a rich barbeque flavor.


COUNTRYSIDE HERB - Wholesome creamy, milky rich cheese curd flavored with New Countryside Herb blend. This flavor is a combination of Dill Weed, Parsley, Garlic and Onion with poppy and sesame seeds. This is the perfect cheese curd to bring to serve at parties or bring as a gift. Everyone loves this new flavor.


DILL - A creamy curd spiced with the refreshing flavor of dill.


GARLIC & HERB - A zip of garlic and other herbs, mixed together for these savory curds.


BBQ LOVERS- Wholesome creamy, milky rich cheese curd flavored with a BBQ seasoning, a sweet smoky flavor of spices with a hint of honey. This is the perfect cheese curd to serve at summer BBQ’s and Picnic’s.


PIZZA CURDS - Taste just like pizza!!

PLAIN CURDS - A creamy, lush, squeaky-fresh curd. Nothing added.  A simple milky-rich curd. 

RANCH - A creamy curd with a hint of the ranch on the end of the taste.


SALSA - A savory blend of spices give these creamy curds a light salsa taste.


SIX-PEPPER - A zest of 6 different peppers combined for a light kick on the curds.


TACO - Tastes just like a “Taco” and perfect to share with your friends and family for afternoon snacks, game day treats and parties. 


STUFFING FLAVORED - Taste just like stuffing that Grandma made for your Holiday Dinner. Also a low carb option to have with your turkey dinner



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